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FocalSTORM: n. [Frontline U.S. Defense Contractor]; (1). Blueprints and Mobilizes Real-World Commercial and Defense Intelligence and Emergency Support Services Worldwide. ; (2). Innovates, Develops and Tests Security and Intelligence Technologies to Identify and Defeat Emerging Threats to America and its Allies.
Oftentimes, through chaos emerges a clarity of purpose. Enter FocalSTORM.

In the 21st century's rapidly shifting global patterns, it is fair to say that innovation, strategy and audacity go hand-in-hand when engaging solutions to the seemingly insurmountable threats to the security, economy and future of America.

FocalSTORM's personnel work towards this end to protect government, corporations and NGO's from potential vulnerabilities, including direct risks - to personnel, physical properties, equipment, and information - as well as indirect risks to business markets and channels, supply chains and external infrastructure.

Our deployment teams are carefully recruited, thoroughly vetted and continuously trained to overcome asymmetrical challenges in unpredictable environments all across the globe.

If you are seeking exceptionally professional contingency services for your organization, then look no further than FocalSTORM.

Mission Areas
Commercial Intelligence
Continuity of Operations (COOP)
Data Interpretation & Analysis
Emergency Services Management
GIS Analysis Services
Humanitarian Relief Support Operations
HUMINT Support Services
Operations Site Planning    
Stability & Support Operations (SASO)
Site Survey & Recommendation
Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessments   
U.S. Defense Technologies Acceleration, Testing and Fielding
Service Limitations Notice: FocalSTORM serves U.S. interests only. Foreign inquiries are not accepted.
Contact Information
1.800.296.2114 Ext. 703
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